Improve disease self-care at scale


Build a community around your brand

Self-organised, online health communities enable patient organisations to create a forum environment on our platform to connect with and inspire an engaged audience.

In the past 10 years we’ve helped hundreds of organisations set-up and grow their communities on our platform. We are the biggest network for advocates in the world. Our communities are designed to empower and inform patients - 75% of people joining HealthUnlocked report an improvement in confidence managing their health and 69% report that they have visited their doctor less.

We can build standard or tailored communities based on your bespoke needs. We are also able to migrate existing forum data into our platform to help you build a successful health community for your organisation. We have a guided program that gets patient organisations up and running in a matter of days.

Condition-specific and wellbeing communities on HealthUnlocked are a popular source for people to find credible health information that can improve disease management.


Develop an e-learning program

If you want to do more than create a community on HealthUnlocked, our e-learning programs are a beneficial way to create educational content for patients to follow in an organised way. Programs provide patients with a structured series of online modules to help them understand their condition better and make suitable lifestyle changes to improve their health. You choose the topic, the length of the program and the content format and we’ll provide you with the technology and systems to support it.


Get insights from a highly engaged audience

Partnering with us enables you to get rapid insight from your audience that could be valuable to inform your research and development, clinical trial design and also the way your organisation provides support to people in the real world. As a community owner, you’re able to ask up to 10 closed questions to 100 screened patients. We turn this around for you within one week, allowing you to move quickly and make the decisions you need to. 

Promote your clinical research opportunities

HealthUnlocked offers customers unparalleled access to a global audience of diverse, highly engaged patients. In a recent user survey, 70% of people said that they would be interested to take part in clinical research that work toward improving outcomes. Our highly targeted approach to recruitment results in faster and more qualified responses when compared to conventional patient recruitment channels.

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