Turnkey patient access to insight and behaviour change


Be part of a changing future of healthcare

The world of healthcare is changing; people are becoming more engaged and knowledgeable about conditions and treatments. So there is a greater emphasis on the industry to demonstrate tangible outcomes in the real world.

Partnering with us will provide you with a turnkey solution that allow access to data and insights about your consumers. Our solutions allow access to real patients with real experiences; enabling you to engage with the right audiences at the right time - a feedback loop that could inform product development or reinforce product efficacy in the market.

Our solutions

Rapid Insight

Our Rapid Insight solution is designed for organisations who are looking for that extra bit of insight in a short turnaround time. We help you get insight to inform clinical trial design, working with you from PII through to commercialisation. You are able to ask up to 10 closed questions to 100 screened patients. We turn this around for you within one week, allowing you to move quickly and make the decisions you need to. 


Clinical Trial Recruitment

One of the biggest challenges in the industry is patient recruitment. Approximately 80% of all clinical trials fail to complete because of low patient recruitment. This means that not enough patients are signed up to take part in the trial, which in turn means that there is not enough data available for the trial to be measured effectively. And because of this, the probability of a drug getting approval is also decreased.

Working with us for patient recruitment will enable your trial to get the best possible chance to succeed.

Custom Surveys

We know that sometimes you need to get detailed insights from real patients to inform your protocol design and put patient centricity into clinical trial development. Our custom survey solutions help you get those insights, so you can make data-driven drug discovery and development decisions.


Online Focus Groups 

Partnering with us also allow you access to screened patients in an online focus group format. Sometimes to get the insight you need, you need to engage and co-create alongside your audience in order to create your best work. We’ve helped organisations uncover valuable insight to inform clinical trial design, protocols and patient reported outcomes to include in product marketing.


Community Builder

Our platform enable organisations to create online health communities centred around a specific condition or wellbeing topic, with your organisation as the title sponsor. Our communities grow rapidly thanks to our broad visibility online, and they are designed to empower and inform people about specific health topics. We can build standard or bespoke communities based on partner needs, migrate existing forum data into our platform and embed HealthUnlocked widgets into your website.


Brands we work with

We love engaging the HealthUnlocked audience as leads for our panels and research work. The speed and quality of responses we get is markedly better than other channels. When there’s a matching population in HealthUnlocked we always know we’re covered.
— Jon Gwillim, Director at CreateHealth

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